Below are some examples of past love stories. 

(Special note: - Deanna & Joe wrote their love story with both reading the story to each other and to their guests)

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Joe: In the summer of 2009, before we met one another, Deanna and I were both looking for jobs. I had just graduated college and Deanna had just finished her first term with AmeriCorps. Separately, we both decided to join an AmeriCorps program with Habitat for Humanity, Deanna in Dover, Delaware, and me in Spokane, Washington. As part of the volunteer program, we were expected to attend a national conference in Talladega, Alabama where we learned more about Habitat and how to better perform our jobs. There was also time for having fun and playing games at this conference, and this is how we ended up meeting.

 Deanna: The first evening of the conference, Joe and I were separately looking for something to do during the free time. I and that group of girls from Connecticut over there (wave your hands!) wanted to play foursquare but didn't know how. A larger group formed and still, no one knew the rules. And in walked Joe. After he taught us all how to play, we started calling him "coach" and continued playing into the evening. I ran into �coach� a few times over the next 5 days of the conference and then we each returned to our respective coasts, him to Spokane and me to Dover.

Joe: From there Deanna and I went our separate ways and never saw each other again�no, obviously not. Fortunately for us, Habitat required attendance at another conference that term, this time in Cedar Rapids, Iowa the following June. On the first day of this conference, the girls from CT and Deanna thought they recognized "coach" eating lunch in the cafeteria and after debating whether or not it was me, approached and said hi. This is when I began pursuing Deanna.

 Deanna: It was more like stalking�He looked for me in the cafeteria during meals and looked for me in the evening during free time, found me on the bus to ride to our site together. I tried to lose him a couple of times, but thankfully I had no such luck. We ran around their track, played a made up pool game, watched a little league game, and jogged around the campus together. I wasn't so sure about him yet, but he knew he liked me. We returned again back to our own Habitat affiliates, but this time we talked about getting together in the summer when we both were back in PA.

Joe: I flew back from Spokane in July 2010 and was planning on calling Deanna to see if she really did want to get together to hang out.

 Deanna: But I beat him to the punch. I ended up driving up from Dover, picking him up at Dan�s apartment in Bethlehem and we continued on to Hershey Park for our first date, although we wouldn�t have called it that at the time. We enjoyed a day on the rides and the water park and then drove up to Joe's parents in Lewisburg. We went to help out at the buggy museum and I started to meet his wonderful family. I think I won over Grandpa that day.

 Joe: After the buggy museum, Deanna continued on to her parent�s house. I wasn�t sure if we were going to see each other again. I really liked her, but I wasn�t sure if she felt the same way. I wanted to give her a hug as she was leaving, but she just got in the car and drove off�I thought that was it.

Deanna: OK, your dad was standing right there. I wanted to hug you too, but it just felt weird.

Joe: Anyway, we talked and texted over the next few weeks and to my surprise, she wanted me to come out to visit her in Clymer. I drove out and we hung out by the pool, and went to a Pirates game together. On the way back to her parents from Pittsburgh, I told her how I felt and she agreed. We made our relationship official then and there. Had I known we were getting together I wouldn�t have signed up for a second AmeriCorps term in Spokane, but there was nothing I could do about it at this point. So I flew out to Washington a couple weeks later for another 10 � month term.

 Deanna: And we started a long distance relationship. I flew out in November and he took me hiking and off roading. He flew back in December and we got together over Christmas break. We both flew to Vegas in February and hiked in Red Rock canyon and took the Hoover Dam tour.  In May I flew out to Washington and we hiked at Steamboat Rock State Park. It was hard being apart, but we got to know each other through talking on the phone and Skyping. It was difficult, but I think we got to know each other in a way that we couldn�t have done if we lived closer to each other.

 Joe: In July of 2011, I finished my term and drove back from Spokane. Dan flew out and drove back with me and my dog. I ended up taking another AmeriCorps position with the Habitat affiliate Deanna was with when we met. Now that I was on the east coast, I still wanted to live closer to her.  That fall I proposed while on a hike at Killens Pond State Park in Delaware. I got down on one knee, and she said, �What are you doing?!� I told her how much I loved her and how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her�

 Deanna: �and I said yes�which is why we�re here today.

 Joe: ...and we�re happy that you all could join us.

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Who would have thought that stopping for a bite to eat would lead to a romance that brings us to this day?  It was October 1999 when Amanda and her friends decided to go to Eat-n-Park after their senior year Homecoming Dance.  Little did she know that Bill and his friends, Josh and D.J. decided to go to that same restaurant (and sat close by).

Soon after dinner, they all began talking�Amanda had remembered hearing from her cousin Jessica about the infamous �Bill Roach� from Purchase Line.  In fact, Bill took Jessica to her senior prom.  Bill began talking to one of Amanda�s friends because as he put it �Amanda was out of his league�.  Amanda talked to Bill�s friends and eventually Bill and Amanda began talking to each other. 

 After weeks of talking on the phone, Amanda decided that if she didn�t call Bill to see if he wanted to go out, they might never have the opportunity.  So one day she called him at his house to ask him if he wanted to go bowling with her and her friend.  Bill gladly accepted.  Amanda can still remember hearing his family members whispering loudly that �A girl is on the phone!�

 Bill, Amanda and her friend went bowling and quickly decided that they would go out again next weekend.  Amanda was the drum major in the Marion Center band and they were playing Penns Manor at a football game on Friday night.  Bill and Amanda decided that they would go to the Haunted House in Indiana after that game.  The week dragged on for both of them.  Finally Friday came and Amanda got butterflies in her stomach when she saw Bill at half-time.  After the game, Amanda�s hair was matted down, her make-up was worn off and she wished she could shower before their date.  But, Bill still told her she looked beautiful and was perfect just the way she was. 

After the football game, Amanda�s friend came up to her and informed her that she was now not allowed to go to the Haunted House.  Amanda was upset, but Bill was excited to finally go out alone�just the two of them.  He knew that if he was patient enough, eventually they would be able to go out by themselves.  The Haunted House was a lot of fun.  Bill can still hear Amanda screaming as the chain saw guy came after her.  Amanda was worried that Bill might beat the poor volunteer worker up!   

On the way home, as they held hands in the car, they talked about everything!  Bill walked Amanda in to her house and stayed there for awhile because her family was at a Pittsburgh Penguin�s game and Bill wanted to make a good first impression.  After Amanda�s family returned and were introduced to Bill, he decided he better leave because it was already 11:30 and he only had his junior license.

As Amanda walked Bill out, she gave him a quick kiss.  She can still remember the smile on his face.  Bill got in his truck, listened to �Creed�, and cruised home remembering the fun time they had and especially that kiss.  He was on cloud 9 until he looked in his rear view mirror and saw the flashing lights coming behind him.  Bill pulled over by Rayne Drop and rolled down his window.  The officer asked him what he was doing out so late and Bill responded �I was at my friend�s house, Amanda Miloser.�  When the officer heard �Miloser� he said �Oh, they�re good people�just be careful and go straight home�  Bill could not believe that he just got out of a ticket and a lot of trouble, just for being at some girls house.  But at this time, Bill realized that Amanda wasn�t just �some girl�.  She was �the girl�.

Amanda and Bill continued to spend time together and grew closer over the next few years.  In fact, they were with each other when they graduated from high school, from college and then when they got their first jobs.

 They had talked about getting engaged, but they both realized the importance of graduating from college and then finding a good job first.  Bill got his job a lot quicker than Amanda.  She had to sub for 1 year, before she got her dream job at Penns Manor.  They both had good jobs and Amanda began wondering when Bill would propose.  They HAD dated for almost 6 years!  Bill�s mother even offered to 2nd mortgage her house so SHE could buy a ring for Amanda!  Bill had the ring for a few months and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to ask Amanda (or maybe it just took him that long to build up enough courage to ask her dad!) 

 On Friday, October 28, 2005, Bill had decided that he and Amanda would go out to eat after she got home from work.  Amanda was in no mood to go anywhere�she had a rare rough day at work.  Bill finally talked Amanda in to going to Benjamin�s to eat dinner.  After dinner, Amanda demanded that she needed to go to Wal*Mart to get her students a few things.  Bill wanted her to come in another day, but Amanda insisted!  So�what Amanda wants, Amanda gets.  They went to Wal*Mart and Amanda can remember Bill offering to push the cart and walking very quickly trying to find everything she needed.  Amanda thought nothing of it, only that Bill was being exceptionally nice because she had such a rough day.  On the way home, Bill sang to all the songs on the radio very loudly�Amanda fell asleep.  When they got home, Amanda asked, �Can you please at least carry my bags in for me?�  Bill said he would come back to get them because he had to go to the bathroom.  So, Amanda grabbed her leftovers in one hand and her purse in the other.  She reached for the front door and opened it just as Bill swung her around, took her leftovers out of her hand and was on one knee with the ring box open.  Bill told Amanda how much she meant to him, how much he loved her, and then he asked her to marry him.  Amanda looked at him, then the ring and knowing that Bill joked around a lot asked him, �Are you serious?�  Bill said yes and asked again.  Because it was so important that Bill asked her dad (and how scared Bill had said he was to ask him), Amanda replied �Did you ask my dad?�  Bill smiled yet again and said yes and asked for the third time, will you marry me?  Amanda said YES! 

 Because they dated for 7 years, Amanda and Bill chose today, the seventh day of the seventh month in 2007 to be married.  Not only is this day a once in a lifetime date, but its significance gives Bill no excuse to ever forget their anniversary!

(As read by Jennifer Beer at the reception)

On October 23rd, 1922, Edward and Annie Brink exchanged vows.  Their love brought their daughter Edna into the world.  On October 23rd, 1948, Edna vowed her love to Andrew Miloser.  Their daughter Dian continued the tradition when she married Raymond Matko on October 23rd, 1976.  And that�s why Jessica and Scott are here today on October 23, 2004.

In the Fall of 1999, Scott attended a selection workshop for a job with summer orientation at IUP.  That was the first time he saw Jessica � and thinking she was beautiful, he said to himself, �I hope she gets picked for the job�.   Jessica however, had no recollection of seeing Scott at the initial workshop.  Scott was picked for the job and was required to enroll in a class during the spring semester.  On the first day of class, he was very happy when he saw Jessica had been picked too.  Smiles were exchanged throughout the entire first class and the entire semester.  During the next couple of weeks they talked to each other a little bit.  They also talked to their friends about each other.  Jessica said Scott probably wasn�t interested in her�Jessica thought he liked blondes.  Scott said she was too good for him.  Before Valentine�s Day, Jessica made the comment that no one had asked her on a date.  Scott mentioned this to one of the other guy�s in the class because Scott was not sure who Jessica was hinting to.  The guy said he wasn�t worried, because he would have �all summer to work on that�.  Unfortunately, for the other guy, Scott was going to be doing some work of his own.  As the semester went on, Jessica and Scott continued to be friends but their friendship grew even closer as the summer job began.    Both Jessica and Scott were very excited when they were scheduled to be alone on residence hall duty while everyone else was at the orientation dance.  They talked and joked around, and Scott emailed her the next day saying she looked cute with braids in her hair.  At the end of the summer, another peer adviser, Lindsey, suggested to Jessica that she go out on a date with Scottie, on the spot, in front of both Jessica and Scottie� Awkward at first, but the summer was coming to an end and it was the perfect opportunity for Scott to ask Jessica if she would want to �hang out� after Jessica moved back home.  Jessica also jumped at the opportunity to ask Scott if he would help her move out of her dorm room.  He very willingly agreed to help.  Before they were finished moving, Scott said he could feel in his heart that once he asked Jessica out, they would be together forever.  Meanwhile, Jessica�s mom was telling her not to get her hopes up � but Jessica said, �I know this is the one.�  On July 11, 2000, Scott and Jessica went on their first date to the Ironwood Grill and then to Yellow Creek Park.  During one of the conversations being held during the first date, Scott found himself envisioning Jessica and himself at three weddings.  The first wedding was that of Jessica�s sister, Jennifer � the second was that of Scott�s brother, Randy, and the third wedding Scott envisioned is the one you are at today.  After the first date, Scott had to return home until school started again.  While Scott was home, his mom hung a sign on the bathroom mirror saying, �someone has been bitten by the love bug�.  A week later, Scott went to Ocean City, Maryland with his friends from high school.  He told Jessica and her friend, Shar to come, hoping they would, but thinking it would never happen.  To his surprise, Jessica and Shar found Scott and his friends at the beach at the Surf Side 8.  And the rest was history�  Maybe it was a result of �Big Casey��  The next year at IUP was filled with fun, parties, dancing, and long conversations as Jessica and Scott became closer and closer with each passing day.  At the beginning of the 2001 school year, Jessica began to seriously talk about fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams of studying abroad.  She was planning on going to Leeds, England.  Jessica knew she would miss Scott deeply, but she also knew that if their love could span across the ocean, it could last through anything.  Scott also knew he would miss Jessica, but he had a peaceful feeling knowing that the trip had a higher purpose.  While Jessica was in Europe, their love grew to new levels, as they truly began to understand what it meant to find the one person you can trust and count on in all situations.  To top everything off, they were extremely blessed when Scott was able to travel to visit Jessica for three weeks.  The entire time Jessica was gone Scott promised to throw a message in a bottle in the ocean, hoping it would reach Jessica while she was away.  When Jessica arrived home from England and greeted Scott at the airport, it was written in heaven that two soul mates had found one another.

In December, Jessica finally received her messages in a bottle when Scott proposed to her at the same park they went to on their first date�. Some of the bottles contained fictitious love letters -- however the last one was written to Jessica, from Scott asking her to marry him.  Of course, she said yes.

Through the four years they have been together they have laughed harder than they ever have before and have had more adventures than they ever thought possible.

They have realized that out of more than six billion people on the planet, they have found their perfect mate ---

Ladies and Gentleman � Mr. and Mrs. Scott Layden



Written by Kayla (Campbell) Stewart

 Presented at the reception by Danae Kensinger


Rob and Kayla both grew up around Marion Center. They both attended different elementary schools but when they were brought together at the high school, their relationship began. Rob is a year older than Kayla but they got to know each other by their mutual friends dating.  They were also involved in many of the same clubs and organizations in high school, enabling them to spend more time together.  They really didn�t consider themselves friends until Rob started dating one of Kayla�s best friends � Heather (who is here today!).  Lucky for Kayla and Heather, it didn�t work out because Heather is now preparing to get married and obviously Kayla and Rob were meant to be together.

Rob and Kayla�s first date was August 5, 1999 � they went to see Runaway Bride.   They were both single but hadn�t really considered a relationship with each other.   Their friendship really grew over the summer but Rob was starting college at IUP in the Fall and Kayla had one more year of high school.   Rob was hoping the relationship would continue to grow, but Kayla starting dating someone, which made it pretty clear to Rob that they would never get past the �good friends� stage.   They talked a lot and remained friends through that year and after Kayla graduated, she was single again.   Rob was very patient, he had been waiting for Kayla to come to her senses.   That summer, Rob and Kayla picked up right where they left off They spent a lot of time together, seeing movies, swimming, and going out to eat.  Kayla was planning to go to West Chester University so the end of the summer was very bittersweet for both of them.   Rob worked in the Admissions Office and he tried to convince Kayla that it wasn�t too late to get enrolled at IUP!   Kayla stuck to her original plan, even though she was really sad about leaving Rob.   The night before she left, Rob gave Kayla a letter that basically said he would be there for her, regardless of distance and he would miss her and ABOVE ALL � he said that HE LOVED HER!   This letter made Kayla realize that her long friendship with Rob could not go on any longer ~ It had to become more than that.   On the day she left for West Chester, Rob, Heather and I came to say good-bye to Kayla.   What Heather and I didn�t know, was that Kayla had slipped a note to Rob as well, that he was supposed to read when she left.   As Kayla pulled away, Rob opened the note and was relieved to see that his persistence finally paid off.   The note simply said, I love you too!   And this all happened BEFORE they started officially dating!!  

It was a difficult year with Kayla being 4 hours away, but there was never any question about their relationship staying together.   After some unusually large phone bills and some secret trips to West Chester that Rob�s parents weren�t too happy about, the year was over and Rob and Kayla faced another summer together.   After making some decisions about her major, along with the fact that she would like to be closer to home and to Rob, Kayla transferred to IUP to finish her college career.

Rob and Kayla had a great college experience together.   Right before their senior year, Rob decided he was going to propose.   Rob had to be unique and creative and do something that Kayla would love but also something that no one else had already done.   He quickly realized these were very difficult guidelines to follow.   He finally came up with the answer but had no idea how he was going to pull it off.   He decided to make a scrapbook for Kayla but he didn�t know where to start.   After gathering up all the pictures he could find of them, he went to Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics and just hung out in the scrapbook aisle, waiting for a woman to walk by that looked like she knew what she was doing.   He learned a lot from those women and he bought enough supplies to get started.   After 6 months in the making, the scrapbook was finished, the ring was purchased, and Rob was ready to pop the question.   On June 9, 2003 � Rob and Kayla were at Rob�s parents house � it was a Monday night, and nothing exciting was happening.   When Rob�s parents conveniently left to go to Lowe�s (which was all part of the Rob�s master plan!) Rob told Kayla he had something for her.   When he pulled out the scrapbook, Kayla wasn�t sure what it was or why he was giving it to her on that particular day because it wasn�t a special occasion.   As she started looking through it, she was touched beyond words.   As she looked at all of the pictures and the memories they had shared over the years, she was brought to tears.   She thought it was the most unique and heartfelt gift she had ever received.   She was so impressed that Rob (who always claimed he wasn�t creative) had made her such a beautiful book.   When Kayla got to the end of the book, she saw that the last page was decorated like a wedding � with Rob and Kayla in it.   Rob had written �COMING IN 2004� on the page.   Kayla realized that the scrapbook was not just a scrap book but it was something much more��She saw Rob slowly get down on one knee and he asked her to marry him.   Already crying from the scrapbook, the tears really flew and somehow Kayla managed to say Yes multiple times.

After selecting June 12 as their wedding date, they began preparing for one of the biggest years of their life.   They completed student teaching, graduated, and began their job search � while planning their wedding at the same time.   Sometimes they, and their friends and family, thought they were crazy but Rob and Kayla knew that as long as they were together, they could handle anything.  

They must have been right, because we are all here tonight to celebrate their marriage.   What started as a simple friendship almost 6 years ago has become an amazing relationship.   They�re here tonight with their closest friends and family to celebrate their new life together as we wish them the best of luck for a lifetime of love, happiness, and friendship.   Once again everyone, Rob and Kayla Stewart.



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