Take a few minutes, sit back relax and take an in depth look at what we do at weddings that separates us from other DJ's

The video below is a template on how a typical wedding reception is performed. It shows a chronological order of a "typical" wedding reception.  The video shows many of our activities we offer along with a few creative ideas. We will customize YOUR wedding celebration the way YOU want it.

Mixmaster DJ Service - Wedding Promo Video

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Wedding Planner


All wedding receptions are different and meet the needs and wants of our clients.  Our wedding guide is intended to aid in the understanding of how Mixmaster DJ Service performs a typical wedding reception

We have added some creative ideas and explanations accompanied with some photos and video clips on ways to create a memorable reception

The consultation

Approximately one month (or anytime at your convenience) prior to your wedding day Mixmaster DJ Service provides a detailed consultation customized to the planning of your special day

During the consultation we will discuss:

* Time and agenda for all events
* Creative ideas and activities to set your reception apart from all other receptions
* Discuss your music choices
* To answer all your questions and concerns

- To view our detailed wedding reception planner
CLICK HERE - To view our wedding ceremony planner

One of many setups we can provide

Our uplighting upgrade

Setup - Mixmaster DJ Services arrives up to 2 hours prior to starting time to begin setup procedures.  This allows enough time to be setup before guests arrive.  Mixmaster DJ Service uses only top grade professional sound and light systems.

Wireless Speaker - We can provide wireless speaker to accommodate larger sized celebrations.


Mixmaster DJ Service offers the following options / upgrades to enhance your celebration

- Mixmaster DJ Service can accent any room by putting uplighting fixtures throughout the room to enhance the decor

Monograms - We also can also add that personal touch with a customized monogram

Video Projector - Mixmaster DJ Service offers a video projector for any presentations you may have


The grand entrance

Barb & Jim arrive to standing ovation for their grand entrance

Guest Arrival

Guest Arrival - When your guests arrive we provide soft background music of your choice played in the background.  The low volume music allows guests to enjoy conversation

Below are some of the most popular music choices past clients have chosen for their cocktail hour

·         Current Top 40 Pop/Rock Cocktail Hour Music

·         Y2K Top 40 Pop/Rock (2000 - 2010) Cocktail Hour Music

·         90's Pop Cocktail Hour Music

·         80's Cocktail Hour Music

·         70's Cocktail Hour Music

·         60's Cocktail Hour Music

·         Current Country

·         Y2K Country (2000 – 2010)

·         Classic Country (80’s & 90’s Country)

·         Dean Marin / Frank Sinatra / Michael Buble Mix

·         Jazz Music

·         Holiday Music

Or choose your own cocktail hour music

Bridal Party Arrival / Grand Entrance

When the bridal party arrive we will get everyone ready for the grand entrance.  We put everyone in the proper order, confirm names and pronunciations as well as educate everyone involved the proper etiquette for the grand entrance and upcoming activities.  You may choose the music and energy level for your grand entrance

Below are some song suggestions for a grand entrance.  You may choose one of the choices below or pick your own.

CLICK HERE - To see a video clip of individual song choices for each bridal party couple for the grand entrance on our Facebook page

Bridal Party Grand Entrance Song Suggestions
(Or choose your own)
  • AC-DC - Thunderstruck
  • Alan Parsons Project - Sirius (Chicago Bulls Theme song)
  • Bruno Mars - 24K
  • Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars
  • Flo Rida - My House
  • Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places
  • Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling
  • LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
  • Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk
  • Poison - Nothin But A Good Time
  • Ramin Diawadi - Game Of Thrones Theme (Armin van Buuren Remix)
  • T I f/ Jay Z - Bring Em Out
  • TV-Movie Themes - Star Wars Main Theme
  • Usher - Yeah
  • Various Artists - Pittsburg Penguins Intro Theme Song
  • Other - Song
Bride & Groom Grand Entrance Song Suggestions
(Or choose your own)
  • 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This (10-1 Countdown)
  • Alan Parsons Project - Sirius (Chicago Bulls Theme song)
  • American Authors - Best Day Of My Life
  • Beyounce ft Jay Z - Crazy In Love
  • Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started
  • Bruno Mars - Marry You
  • Chris Brown - Forever
  • Fitz & The Tantrums - HandClap
  • Imagine Dragons - Top Of The World
  • Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married
  • Macklemore & Ryan - Can't Hold Us
  • Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party
  • Various Artists - Jock James / Main Event
  • Walk The Moon - Shut Up And Dance - Special Grand Entrance mix
  • Other - Song


You may choose either of the following
1.  Follow the grand entrance with dinner activities (most common)
2.  Follow the grand entrance and go directly with your first dance then proceed to dinner activities

Welcome Message

Alan takes a moment to thank all their guest for taking the time to share this special day

Love Story

Danae reads Kayla & Rob's Love Story
Welcome / Love Story / Toasts  / Blessing

A wireless microphone will be provided for any presentations such as the toasts and blessings

You may choose to do any of the following after the grand entrance

Bride & Groom Welcome Message (strongly recommended)  - Many times the B&G want to welcome and thank all their guests to their celebration.  This is the perfect opportunity to take a moment and thank everyone for their love and support

Love Story - This is an excellent opportunity to share with your guests your love story.  The story could consist on how you met, your engagement and your journey so far together as well as your plans for the future.  The story could be read by either the B&G, a bridal party member a parent or any special guest.

CLICK HERE - To watch a video clip of a love story on our Facebook page
CLICK HERE - To learn more and read some love story examples on our website

Toast - We'll make sure the glasses are filled and a wireless microphone is ready for anyone who wishes to give a toast

Blessing - Again a wireless microphone will be provided so the blessing can be presented from anywhere in the room

Jeremy & Alesha posing before they cut their wedding cake
Cutting The Cake

Cutting the wedding cake can be done at either of the following times

* Before dinner - This allows time for the cake to be cut and plated while guests are enjoying their dinners. The cake can then be served immediately after the main course.

* After dinner - This is the more "traditional" way

Dinner Served

Again soft music of your choice is played while guests enjoy their dinners

If you are having a buffet style dinner we will be more than happy to escort guests to the buffet line

Names In A Basket Kissing Game

Nicol & Gary pull names from the basket to determine which couple will kiss next

Newlywed Game

Lauren & Dave play the hilarious newlywed game

Kelly's grandfather celebrates his birthday, is presented with a birthday cake while everyone sings "Happy Birthday"

Kissing Games / Dinner Skits

You may wish to add any of the following skits to the dinner hour

Kissing Game - To really set the tone for a fun filled event you may wish to add one of our fun kissing games during the dinner segment of your reception.  We emcee any activities and explain to your guests how the skit works

* Names In A Basket For A Kiss (Our most popular game) - Prior to the reception we ask the B&G to write down several "fun" couples names on separate slips of paper and place them in a basket at the head table at the reception.  During dinner when the guests clink their glasses we ask the B&G to kiss.  Once they've kissed we then ask them to reach in the basket and pull out a slip of paper and read the name on the slip of paper. The couple whose name is read is asked to kiss (kind of like sweet revenge).  Makes for a great game as guests never know who will be next

CLICK HERE - To watch a short video clip of Names In A Basket kissing game on our Facebook page

* Sing A Song For Kiss - Instead of clinking of the glasses, guest or guests are encouraged to stand and sing a chorus line of song with the words "love" in it.  Basically we've replaced the clinking of the glasses with guests singing

CLICK HERE - To watch a short video clip of Sing A Song For A Kiss on our Facebook page

The Wedding Newlywed Game (aka him / her game) - This is a short comical game played during the dinner hour where Mixmaster DJ Service places the B&G with their backs to each other and then provides them with a "him" and a "her" sign.  We then ask the bride and groom a series of rapid fire questions about each other.  The object is to see how well the B&G really know each other.  There is no score kept as it is just merely an entertainment skit. Examples of questions we may ask, Who will do the laundry? or Who will control the remote on the TV?

CLICK HERE - To watch a video clip of the newlywed game on our Facebook page

Centerpiece Giveaway - If you have centerpieces to give away, Mixmaster DJ Service has a fun way to give them away (see video clip)

Birthday Salute - If you have any family or friends that are celebrating a birthday on your wedding day, we can pay tribute to that person by singing happy birthday to them.

Speeches - You may have someone who wants to give a speech or a special message.  We will be more than glad to provide a wireless microphone
Wedding Love Story Scavenger Hunt (WLSSH)
Share / Involve with your guests a chronological order of how your wedding day came to be by playing wedding love story scavenger hunt.  A game that shares your story to conclude your dinner hour.

Courtney & Bo's first dance with monogram and uplighting in background
First Dance

The first segment of the dancing portion of the reception  is usually for the introduction of the bride and groom then followed by the bridal party and parents.  There are usually 4 songs to initiate this dance segment.  The format is as follows:

1st Song - Bride and groom first dance
2nd Song - Introduction of the bridal party / parents
3rd & 4th Songs - For guests to join in

CLICK HERE - To see Mobile Beat magazine top 30 all time love songs

Let The Dancing Begin

Start your first fast dance off with our multiplication dance

Multiplication dance - Now is the time to "get the party started".  One way to start the party is that we would ask all of the bridal party members to remain on the dance floor to initiate the first fast dance.  We start out by playing a song and ask all on the floor to dance until we pause the song.  When we pause the song we announce that if you are on the dance floor it's time to "multiply" By that we mean if you are on the dance floor we ask you to go out into the audience, select a guest and bring them back with you onto the dance floor.  We do this a couple rounds until everyone is out "celebrating" your wedding day! 

Suggested songs

* Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
* Kool & The Gang - Celebration

* LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
* Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Someone

We follow with more party tunes to keep the dance floor packed

Let's Dance

Between all special events we play a variety of fun upbeat dance music for all ages to keep the party going. 

Anniversary Dance

Cara & Aaron present the winners of the anniversary dance with a gift of a picture frame.
Anniversary Dance

We already know who the shortest married couple is let's find out who has been married the longest!

This dance is a tribute to all married couples.  We begin by making an announcement that this is the "anniversary dance", and we ask for all married couples to join us on the dance floor for the next slow song.  We then proceed with a love ballad and while your guests are dancing we start to eliminate couples through years of marriage.  We start by eliminating couples with less than 1 year of marriage, then 5, then 10 etc, until we are left with just one couple remaining on the dance floor.  We now have determined our "anniversary dance" winners

The bride and groom may wish to present the winners of the anniversary dance with a gift.

Anniversary Dance Winners Suggested Gift - A picture frame is the suggested gift and the idea behind the picture frame is that the photographer will take a photo of the B&G and winners of the anniversary dance.  Once the picture has been processed the B&G can give the anniversary dance winners the picture and they now have a picture frame to place the photo in.  This makes a nice touch and is always a crowd pleaser!

Judy & Sam toss the candy for the candy tosses

The mystery chair skit
The Tosses

Choose from the following options for the tosses at your reception.

Candy toss - This is great if you have lots of children at your reception.

Mystery Chair - There is a mystery item (B&G pick the item) hidden underneath the chair.  When it's time for the groom to retrieve the garter instead of pulling out the garter he pulls out  the mystery item.  Some items used in the past have been the "terrible towel" or a jumbo pair of underwear etc

CLICK HERE - To watch a video clip of the mystery chair skit on our Facebook page

Blindfold Skit - The gentlemen who caught the garter is blindfolded.  Once the blindfold is in place we switch the lady (who caught the bouquet) out of the chair and replace her with someone else. The switched person could be with a guy or a parent etc.  Makes for a funny moment

CLICK HERE - To watch a video clip of the blindfold skit on our Facebook page

* Reverse - We switch things around and have the lady place the garter on the guy
Bride / Father - Groom / Mother Dance

Following the tosses it's tradition to proceed with the parents dances  You could do the parents dance one of two ways

1.  Combination Dance - Both the bride and groom dance with their respective parents to the same song
2.  Separate dances  - Separate songs are played for each the bride / father dace and the groom / mother dance

You may also have other VIP guests you may wish to dance with as well.

Brandi dances at her bridal dance
Bridal Dance (AKA Dollar Dance or Honeymoon Dance)

Choose from the following music for this dance

* Traditional polkas
* Slow songs
* 3 slow songs then fade into the traditional polkas

We have all the guests form a circle around the bride (and groom) while we are doing this dance.  After everyone has gone through the line and dances with the bride we ask them to form a tight circle around the bride.  As tradition goes it is up the groom to break through the circle and find his bride in the middle and escort her out the door.  (We all know they will be right back for more of the party)

YMCA Party Kit

The Dancing Continues

After the bridal dance is over this is when we really kick the party into "high gear".  We put together non-stop music to really keep the party going.

Party Kits - You may choose to add one of our party kits to your package to add even more energy to your party

CLICK HERE - To watch a video clip of a "confetti shot" on our Facebook page

That's The Way I Like It Skit

Mixmaster DJ Service can provide a mix of tasteful interaction throughout your celebration.  All interactive skits are provided at no extra cost.  The B&G determine during the consultation how "interactive" you want us to be.  Remember interaction is all tasteful, keeps the spotlight on the B&G and adds energy to any party

Below are some of the interactive skits we provide  - Click on the links below to see  video clips of that skit on our Facebook page

* That's The Way I Like It Skit (Our most popular skit)
* Rose Royce's - Car Wash Skit
* Jimmy Buffett's - Margaritaville Dance Skit
* Bee Gee's - Stayin Alive Skit
* You've Lost That Loving Feeling skit


Mixmaster DJ Service can provide games to your celebration

Below is a list of games we can provide.  We can also customize a game perfect for your party

* Chubby Checker's Twist Contest
* Jukebox Eliminator Skit
* Limbo
* Wedding Musical Chairs / Scavenger Hunt
Music And Dancing

Again we provide non-stop music being sure to play yours and your guest requests.  We keep the spotlight on the bride & groom throughout the night because they are the "star" of the show
Farewell Dance / Grand Exit

Farewell Dance - At the end of your celebration we pay tribute to the bride and groom with a farewell dance.  It's our last chance to salute our happy couple

Grand Exit - This is the grand finale of the party.  We stage a grand exit with lots of energy and it's all part of making a memory that everyone will remember for years to come.

Media Coverage

Mixmaster DJ Service offers media coverage of your event under our "Events / Media Coverage" page.  Share the memories with guests who were in attendance or with those who were not able to attend your celebration.  Media coverage is provided at no extra charge but will only be provided at your request.  Give us a call to see what media coverage your celebration qualifies for.

We hope you have enjoyed our tour on putting together an understanding on how Mixmaster DJ Service can customize a wedding celebration the way you want it


Contact us today for more information on how to make your event a memory that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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