Congratulations.... So you're getting married!

Do you have a vision of what your wedding day should be like?  Are you looking for the right disc jockey to help make those visions come true? Consider Mixmaster DJ Service

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 * Wedding Ceremony Planner * Wedding Reception Planner * Wedding Guide *
Monograms * Party Kits * Uplightintg *
 Events / Media Coverage

Wedding of Emily Schmidt & Tim Alcon - September 30, 2023

* A detailed pre event consultation for customizing your wedding the way YOU want it
* All emcee activities and coordination throughout your celebration
* Customized grand entrance complete with music and announcements
* Interactive dinner activities
* Ideas for a creative and romantic first dance
* Fun ways for the bouquet and garter tosses
* An interactive evening of music and dancing tailored to make your wedding celebration different from all others
* An exciting and unforgettable grand finale
* Music library of 1,000's of radio edit songs spanning from the 40's through the hits of today
* Properly dressed for your occasion
* Professional Sound & Light Shows
* Wireless microphone system (great for presentations and speeches)
* Much Much More

You may choose to add any of the following options to your festivity

* Ceremony
* Media Coverage
* Party Kits
* Monograms
* Uplighting

* Video Projector - Great for any video presentations
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Mission Statement
Q - Do you have a mission statement?
A - Our goal is to create a lasting memory that you and your guests will remember for years to come.  We also want to make sure your day is as enjoyable and worry free as possible

Experience / Credentials
Q - There are a lot of DJ services out there, what do you do that separates you from everyone else?
A - We have a philosophy about weddings.  We want them to be unique, elegant and fun, but most importantly we want them to be personal (your wedding).  We have created several activities that separate us from many other DJ services.

Q - Our wedding day could be the most important day in our lives.  What experience do you have in the wedding industry and how many wedding celebrations do you perform in a typical year?
A - Mike Miller of Mixmaster DJ Service performs on an average of 25-35 weddings a year.  When you consider that most weddings occur on Saturday's between the months of April through November, this is a large amount of dates committed to weddings.  Our staff must complete 2 years of training as an assistant before providing entertainment / weddings on their own.

Q - Do you have references?
- Through the years we have collected an enormous amount of evaluations from many past happy brides and grooms who have used our service.  We have posted many of their comments as well as some video and or photos on our testimonial page.

- When I hire a DJ from Mixmaster DJ Service who do I get?
A - Mixmaster DJ Service has several DJ's who help make up our staff, who could provide entertainment for your celebration.  When contacting us we will inform you who will be your DJ.  You can request your favorite DJ and we put it in writing in the contract.  Please remember our staff must be trained extensively before providing entertainment on solo jobs

Planning your wedding ceremony & reception
Q - Will you help us plan for our wedding?
A - Yes, one of the reasons for our great success rate is the planning.  We not only get to meet with you, but we get to learn about your vision and wants. During the consultation we will put together a customized agenda including a time schedule of events go over your bridal party and of course your music choices.  We provide a wedding guide which gives pictures and descriptions of the activities we offer as well as an online wedding reception planner for your convenience.

- Do you provide sound for ceremonies?
A - Yes, not only can we provide music, we also can provide a wireless lavaliere mic (which is the about the size of a pencil erase and barely visible in photos) for your minister and a wireless handheld microphone for any readings.  We also provide an online wedding ceremony planner

Q - We live out of the area, do you have an online wedding planner?
A - Yes in the event that we are not able to meet prior to your wedding we still want to plan your wedding.  We will setup a telephone consultation and use the online wedding planner as an aid in the planning process

DJ / Emcee / Activities Director
Q - If needed do you emcee, co-ordinate all the activities, as well as be the DJ at the reception?
A - Yes, quite often it is up to the DJ to keep things moving during the reception.  We work with the venue staff, photographer and video as well as any other personnel when coordinating any activities throughout the celebration.  We want to make sure that nothing is missed by anyone on your special day.  We also emcee all aspects of the event as well play the music.

Q - Are you an interactive DJ?
A - It all starts in the planning process of your reception.  You (the B&G) determine the level of how interactive you would like us to be.  We are careful not to take the spotlight off the B&G but to enhance the evening with tasteful interaction.

Q - What type of music do you play at a typical wedding?
- We try to play all types of music at a typical wedding celebration as there is usually a wide range of age guests attending your celebration.  We try to include a little music from all eras.  Again it is up to the B&G to have an input on what type of music they want played.  Mobile beat magazine publishes a Top 100 Music List of the most requested songs which we use as a guide when programming the music we play

- Do you take requests?
A - Yes during the reception we will be happy to play any requests that have been forwarded to us as well as take requests at the event.  Of course if we feel that the request is inappropriate or it will lesson the enjoyment from the majority of the guests we will act on our better judgment.  We also take into consideration songs you do not want played.

Below are a couple guidelines set forth by Mixmaster DJ Service when taking requests
1.  Songs must be clean in lyrics
2.   Songs must be recognizable by the majority of the guests
3.  Songs must be danceable in format

Options / Upgrades
Q - Do you offer any options / Upgrades?
A - Yes Mixmaster DJ Services offers several options / upgrades.  Options include: Ceremony Services - Media Coverage - Uplighting - Monogram / Video Projector

Some of our options / upgrades are included at no additional charge.  Contact Mixmaster DJ Service for more details

Q - Do many clients use the options listed above?
A - Yes the Media Coverage have been extremely popular. Our party kits always add energy to any event and the uplighting and monograms really enhance the decor at your celebration.

Q - Do you use professional equipment?
A - Yes Mixmaster DJ Service uses only top grade professional sound and light systems

Q - Do you have a wireless microphone?
A  - Yes this comes in handy for blessings, toasts and any other presentations.

Q - Do you carry backup equipment?
A - It is very unusual for any professional equipment to malfunction.  In the case of the "very unusual" Mixmaster DJ Service does carry backup equipment

Q - What requirements do you require for setup?
A - We require 1 table (6ft or 8ft in length) to be located within 10 feet from a dedicated electrical outlet. If the event is held outside, we also require shelter (tent etc.) from the outdoor elements

Q - Do you have a list of other professionals in the business?
A - Mixmaster DJ Service has put together a list of other professionals in the business with their names and contact information to help aid you in finding the right person / business for the right job.

Rates / Bookings
Q - How much do you charge?
A - All rates vary based on event location, date and time needed.  Although our rates are reasonable we can save you a lot of time if you are "price shopping" and have decided to book a DJ based solely on price.  While Mixmaster DJ Service (and many other satisfied clients) feel that our services represent an excellent value we do not compete on price but instead compete on quality.  If you truly want an experienced DJ, one who will help co-ordinate the event, an interactive DJ who will not only DJ your event but will also be the emcee, a person committed to helping you plan your event, one who has professional grade sound and light systems, one who has an extensive music library, and one who has a goal to make your wedding day a memory that will last a lifetime, then give us a call today!

Q - Can we schedule a "no obligation" consultation
A - Yes, contact us or fill out our online request information page.  Remember all dates are filled on a first come first serve basis so give us a call today!

Check our availability or call Mixmaster DJ Service - 724-599-8843  


Contact us today for more information on how to make your event a memory that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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